Center for High Pressure Science &Technology Advanced Research

Papers from HPSTAR (2018) and in press

Updated through Apr. 9, 2018

541 Mahmoud Abdel-Hafiez, Y. Zhao, Z. Huang, C. w.Cho, C. H. Wong, A. Hassen, M. Ohkuma, Y. W. Fang, B. J. Pan, Z. A. Ren, A.Sadakov, A. Usoltsev, V. Pudalov, M. Mito, R. Lortz, C. Krellner and W. Yang, High-pressure effects on isotropic superconductivity in the iron-free layeredpnictide superconductor BaPd2As2, Phys. Rev. B 97, 134508 (2018). PDF

540 W. P. Hsieh, F. Deschamps, T. Okuchi and Jung- Fu Lin, Effects of iron on the lattice thermalconductivity of Earth's deep mantle and implications for mantle dynamics, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1718557115 (2018). PDF

539 Mufei Yue, Yajie Wang, Lijuan Wang, Xiaohuan Lin, Kuo Li, Haiyan Zheng and T. Yang, Pressure-induced polymerization of butyndioic acid and its Li+ salt, Chin. Chem. Lett. 29, 328−330 (2018).

538 H. Yamaoka, N. Tsujii, Y. Yamamoto, Y. Michiue, Jung-Fu Lin, N. Hiraoka, H. Ishii,K. D. Tsuei and J. Mizuki, Reentrant valence transition in YbCu4.5 under pressure, Phys. Rev. B 97, 085106 (2018). PDF

537 K. Zhang and Xiaojia Chen, Chain length effects of p-oligophenyls with comparison of benzene by Raman scattering, AIP Adv. 8, 025004 (2018). PDF

536 Z. Wang, Y. B. Hou, Q. Y. Feng, Hongliang Dong and Q. Y. Lu, High-temperature (940degrees ) furnace in 18/20 T cold bore magnet, Cryogenics 89, 119−124 (2018). PDF

535 H. Shang, Z. C. Zuo, Haiyan Zheng, Kuo Li, Z. Y. Tu, Y. P. Yi, H. B. Liu, Y. J. Liand Y. L. Li, N-doped graphdiyne for high-performance electrochemical electrodes, Nano Energy 44, 144−154(2018). PDF

534 Y. Y. Li, Z. Deng, J. Peng, E. Y. Chen, Y. Yu, X. Li, J. H. Luo, Y. Y. Huang, Jinlong Zhu, C. Fang, Q. Li, J. T. Han and Y. H. Huang, A P2-type layered superionicconductor Ga-Doped Na2Zn2TeO6 forall-solid-state sodium-ion batteries, Chem. Eur. J. 24, 1057−1061 (2018). PDF

533 Q. W. Hu, Xiaozhi Yan, L. Lei, Q. M. Wang, L. H. Feng, L. Qi, L. L. Zhang, F. Peng, H. Ohfuji and D. W. He, Pressure induced solid-solid reconstructive phasetransition in LiGaO2 dominated by elastic strain, Phys. Rev. B 97, 014106 (2018). PDF

532 Y. Furukawa, A. Takase, Toshimori Sekine, T. Kakegawa and T. Kobayashi, Racemization of valine by impact-induced heating, Origins Life Evol. Biosphere 48, 131−139 (2018). PDF

531 N. Chen, H. A. Ma, L. X. Chen, Bingmin Yan, C. Fang, X. B. Liu, Y. D. Li, L. S. Guo, L. C. Chen and X. P. Jia, Effects of S on the synthesis of type Ib diamond under high pressure and high temperature, Int. J. Refract. Met. Hard Mater 71, 141−146 (2018). PDF

530 Jack Binns, Philip Dalladay-Simpson, Mengnan Wang, G. J. Ackland, Eugene Gregoryanz and Ross T. Howie, Formation of H-2-rich iodine-hydrogen compounds at high pressure, Phys. Rev. B 97, 024111 (2018). PDF

529 Liucheng Chen, B. B. Jiang, Hao Yu, Hongjie Pang, L. Su, X. Shi, L. D. Chen and Xiaojia Chen, Thermoelectric properties of polycrystalline palladium sulfide, RSC Adv. 8, 13154-13158 (2018). PDF

528 G. H. Zhong, X. H. Wang, Renshu Wang, J. X. Han, C. Zhang, Xiaojia Chen and H. Q. Lin, Structural and bonding characteristics of potassium-doped p-terphenylsuperconductors, J. Phys. Chem. C 122, 3801−3808 (2018). PDF

527 Y. J. Zhang, T.Sekine, Jung-Fu Lin, H. L. He, F. S. Liu, M. J. Zhang, T. Sato, W. J. Zhu and Y. Yu, Shock compression and melting of an Fe-Ni-Si Alloy: Implications for the temperature profile of the Earth's core and the heat flux across the core-mantle boundary, J. Geophys. Res. Solid Earth 123, 1314-1327 (2018).

526 Mengnan Wang, Jack Binns, M.-E. Donnelly, M. Peña-Alvarez, Philip Dalladay-Simpson and Ross T. Howie, High pressure synthesis and stability ofcobalt hydrides, J. Chem. Phys. 148,144310 (2018). PDF

525 R. K. Lam, S. L. Raj, T. A. Pascal, C. D. Pemmaraju, L. Foglia, A. Simoncig, N. Fabris, P. Miotti, C. J. Hull, A. M. Rizzuto, J. W. Smith, R. Mincigrucci, C.Masciovecchio, A. Gessini, E. Allaria, G. De Ninno, B. Diviacco, E. Roussel, S.Spampinati, G. Penco, S. Di Mitri, M. Trovo, M. Danailov, S. T. Christensen, D.Sokaras, Tsu-Chien Weng et al., Softx-ray second harmonic generation as an interfacial probe, Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 023901 (2018). PDF

524 J. Liu, S. M. Dorfman, F. Zhu, J. Li, Yonggang Wang, D. Zhang, Y. Xiao, W. Bi and E. E. Alp, Valence andspin states of iron are invisible in Earth's lower mantle, Nat. Commun. 9, 1284 (2018). PDF

523 Y. Wang, S. Q. Jiang, A. F. Goncharov, F. A. Gorelli, Xiaojia Chen, D. Plasienka, R.Martonak, E. Tosatti and M. Santoro, Synthesis and raman spectroscopy of alayered SiS2 phase at high pressures, J. Chem. Phys. 148, 014503 (2018). PDF

522 Y. Z. Bai, Nana Li, Cuiying Pei, Zhipeng Yan, W. T. Li and D. Q. Wei, High-pressure transformations of ortho-xylene probed by combined infrared and Raman spectroscopies, Solid State Commun. 269, 96−101 (2018). PDF

521 H. Liang, F. Peng, H. H. Chen, Lijie Tan, Qian Zhang, C. Fan, S. X. Guan, X. L. Ni, A. Liang, Xiaozhi Yan and Q. W. Hu, High-pressure sintering of bulk MoSi2: Microstructural, physical properties and mechanical behavior, Mater. Sci. Eng., A 711, 389396 (2018). PDF

520 Yuanjie Huang, H. W. Chen, X. S. Peng, B. T. Zhang and Bin Chen, Shock wavespreparing cubic boron nitride nanoparticles, J. Alloys Compd. 741, 875−877 (2018). PDF

519 J. Liu, G. Zhan, Q. Wang, Xiaozhi Yan, F. Liu, P. Wang, L. Lei, F. Peng, Z. Kou and D.He, Superstrong micro-grained polycrystalline diamond compact through workhardening under high pressure, Appl. Phys. Lett. 112, 061901 (2018). PDF

518 C. Guo, Y. Yang, L. X. Tan, J. L. Lei, S. M. Guo, Bin Chen, J. Y. Yan and S. Z.Yang, Unexpected pressure induced ductileness tuning in sulfur doped polycrystalline nickel metal, AIP Adv. 8, 025216 (2018). PDF

517 Y. W. Li, X. L. Feng, H. Y. Liu, J. Hao, Simon  A. T. Redfern, W. W. Lei, D. Liu and Y. M. Ma, Route to high- energy density polymeric nitrogen t-N via He-N compounds, Nat. Commun. 9, 722(2018). PDF

516 Mahmoud Abdel-Hafiez, J. Brisbois, Z. Zhu, A. Adamski, A. Hassen, A. N. Vasiliev, A. V.Silhanek and C. Krellner, Upper critical fields in Ba2Ti2Fe2As4O single crystals: Evidence for dominant Pauli paramagnetic effect, Phys. Rev. B 97, 115152 (2018). PDF

515 Xiangting Ren, Xiaozhi Yan, Zhenhai Yu, Wentao Li, Ke Yang, Xiaoli Wang, Yuzi Liu and Lin Wang, Size-dependent phase transition of Er2O3 under high pressure, Appl. Phys. Lett. 112, 143102 (2018). PDF

514 Ho-Kwang Mao, Xiao-Jia Chen, Yang Ding, Bing Li and Lin Wang, Solids, liquids, and gases under high pressure, Rev. Mod. Phys. 90, 015007 (2018). PDF

513 M. Chen,  Jinfu Shu, X. D. Xie, D. T. Tan,  Ho-Kwang Mao, Natural diamond formation by self-redox of ferromagnesian carbonate, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 115, 2676–2680(2018). PDF

512 R. Singha, Sudeshna Samanta, S. Chatterjee, A. Pariari, D. Majumdar, B. Satpati, Lin Wang, A. Singha, and P. Mandal, Probing lattice dynamics and electron-phonon coupling in the topological nodal-line semimetal ZrSiS, Phys. Rev. B 97, 094112 (2018). PDF

511 Linji Zhang, Y Ren, X Liu, Fei Han, K. Evans-Lutterodt, H. Y. Wang, Y. L. He, J. L. Wang, Y. Zhao and Wenge Yang, Chain Breakage in the Supercooled Liquid-Liquid Transition and Re-entry of the λ-transition in Sulfur, Sci. Rep. 8: 4558 (2018). PDF

510 D. W. Keefer, Huiyang Gou, Q. Q. Wang, A. Purdy, A. Epshteyn, S. J. Juhl, G. D. Cody, J. Badding, and T. A. Strobel, Tetracyanomethane under pressure: Extended CN polymers from precursors with built in sp3 centers, J. Phys. Chem. A 122, 2858–2863  (2018).

509 D. Phelan, Fei Han, A. Lopez-Bezanilla, M.J. Krogstad, Y. Gim, Y. Rong, J. Zhang, D. Parshall, H. Zheng, S. L. Cooper, M. Feygenson, Wenge Yang, and Yu-Sheng Chen, Structural properties of barium stannate, J. Solid State Chem. 262, 142148 (2018).

508 Li Zhang, Hongsheng Yuan, Y. Meng and Ho-Kwang Mao, Discovery of a hexagonal ultradense hydrous phase in (Fe, Al)OOH, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 115, 2908-2911 (2018). PDF

507 Bing Li, Cheng Ji, Wenge Yang, Junyue Wang, K. Yang, R. Q. Xu, W. J. Liu, Z. H. Cai, Jiuhua Chen, and Ho-Kwang Mao, Diamond anvil cell behavior up to 4 Mbar, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 115, 1713–1717 (2018). PDF

506 K. Chae, Duck Young Kim, and Y. W. Son, A new series of two-dimensional silicon crystals with versatile electronic properties, 2D Mater. 5,  025013 (2018). PDF

505 Z. H. Chi, X. L.Chen, F. Yen, F. Peng, Y. H. Zhou, Jinlong Zhu, Y. J. Zhang, X. D. Liu, Chuanlong Lin, S. Q. Chu, Y. C. Li, J. G. Zhao, T. Kagayama, Y. M. Ma, and Z. R. Yang, Superconductivity in Pristine 2Ha-MoS2 at ultrahigh pressure, Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 037002 (2018). PDF

504 Fei Han, D. Wang, Yonggang Wang, Nana Li, J. K. Bao, Bing Li, A. S. Botana, Y. M. Xiao, P. Chow, D. Y. Chung, Jiuhua Chen, X. G. Wan, M. G. Kanatzidis, Wenge Yang, and Ho-Kwang Mao, Spin quenching assisted by a strongly anisotropic compression behavior in MnP, New J. Phys. 20, 023012 (2018). PDF

503 J. P. Sun, P. Shahi, H. X. Zhou, Y. L. Huang, K. Y. Chen, B. S. Wang, S. L. Ni, Na Na Li, Kai Zhang, WengeYang, Y. Uwatoko, G. Xing, J. Sun, D. J. Singh, K. Jin, F. Zhou, G.M. Zhang, X. L. Dong, Z. X. Zhao, and J. G. Cheng, Reemergence of high-Tc superconductivity in the (Li1-xFex)OHFe1-ySe under high pressure, Nat. Commun. 9, 380 (2018). PDF

502 H. Tang, X. H. Yuan, P. F. Yu, Qingyang Hu, M. Z. Wang, Y. S. Yao, L. L. Wu, Q.Zou, Y. J. Ke, Y. C. Zhao, L. Wang, X. P. Li, Wenge Yang, Huiyang Gou, Ho-kwang Mao, and W. L. Mao, Revealing the formation mechanism of ultrahard nanotwinned diamond from onion carbon, Carbon 129, 159167 (2018). PDF

501 D. Kim, Yongmoon Lee, Y. Kim, K. Mingle, J. Lauterbach, D. A. Blom, T. Vogt, and Yongjae Lee, Ethylene Epoxidation Catalyzed by Ag Nanoparticles on Ag-LSX Zeolites formed by pressure- and temperature-induced auto reduction, Chem. Eur. J. 24, 1041–1045 (2018). PDF

500 Y. Kim, J. Choi, T. Vogt, and Yongjae Lee, Structuration under pressure: Spatial separation of inserted water during pressure-induced hydration in mesolite, Am. Mineral. 103, 175–178 (2018). PDF

499 M. Kong, Yongmoon Lee, G. D. Gatta, and Yongjae Lee, Comparative compressional behavior of chabazite with Li+, Na+, Ag+, K+, Rb+, and Cs+ as extra-framework cations, Am. Mineral. 103, 207–215 (2018). PDF