Research Highlights
      Raisins in a Hydrogen Pie: Ultrastable Cesium and Rubidium Polyhydrides – Drs. Di Zhou and Dmitrii Semenok
      April 18, 2024
      Electride formation of hcp-iron unravel the origin of the superionic state of iron-rich compounds in rocky planets
      April 16, 2024
      Discovery of iron silicate perovskite and postperovskite under conditions of the lower mantle below 1000 km depth - Dr. Li Zhang
      April 16, 2024
      Dr. Yanhao Lin awarded an Arne Richter Award for Outstanding Early Career Scientists by EGU
      November 21, 2023
      Philip Dalladay-Simpson received the MRE Young Scientist Award
      June 6, 2023
      March 22, 2023