Research Highlights
      Unveiling a novel metal-to-metal transition in LuH2: Critically challenging superconductivity claims in lutetium hydrides - Drs. Yang Ding and Ho-kwang Mao
      February 27, 2024
      Resolving the Controversy: Understanding Near-Room Temperature Resistance Transition in the Lu-H-N System - Drs. Qiaoshi Zeng and Ho-kwang Mao
      February 20, 2024
      Antiferroelectricity‐induced negative thermal Expansion in Double Perovskite Pb2CoMoO6 - Dr. Runze Yu
      January 31, 2024
      Dr. Yanhao Lin awarded an Arne Richter Award for Outstanding Early Career Scientists by EGU
      November 21, 2023
      Philip Dalladay-Simpson received the MRE Young Scientist Award
      June 6, 2023
      March 22, 2023